following the whee

PinkNinya Yammer-blastLil, a Facebook friend with whom I share much deep joy through a Facebook group whose name falls beyond the carefully safe for children constraints of this blog, shared the following video.

She comments:

“What I loved about that moment, was that no one tried to cap it or shut it down before the play could unfold, there was this easy soft willingness to just romp, to follow the wheee, not much form, just wheeee! And i want more of those! I fell asleep on that well-romped bed so saturated with joy.”

Which is precisely what I loved, watching that moment, sharing the whee which I now share with you.

Whee on!

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  1. Lily on June 8, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    Oh my! This looked like so much fun! I love how they are experimenting with their voices while landing. Thanks for the laugh!!

    Love and laughter,

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