adapted from the FunE-Mail

Finger Food Roulette

1) Select a variety of finger foods: celery sticks, carrot sticks, pistachios, peanuts, etc. Place each in a separate serving dish. In each dish, place enough of the selected finger food to feed one-third to one-half of the extended family. 
1.1) If there are more people than finger foods (as is often the case), prepare two or perhaps even three dishes from each. 

1.2) Thus making certain that each finger food is equally represented, and each participant equally finger fed. 

1.2.1) For example, were there only three snacks and some 12 people, there would be 4 portions of each finger food. 
2) At the appropriate time, distribute the finger food platters randomly, placing one in front of each food fingerer (sic). 
2.1) Instruct all participants to take a handful of the snack in front of them, and then to 

2.2) pass their platter to the clockwisenly (also sic) adjacent person. 

2.3) Continue in like manner: finger-feeding, passing, finger-feeding, passing. 

3) The last finger-food left loses. 


Guess my Chew


1) Prepare at least five or so finger foods, each with a different crunch. For example: cranberry sauce, cashews, ginger snaps, cheese nips, and garbanzo beans. 

1.a) Place each in a small saucers or cuplets, with enough complete sets for every other chewer-to-be. 

1.b) Declare these people the Chewers, and adjacent participants Partners. 

1.b.a) For greater complexity, try bilateral adjacency. 

1.b.b) Otherwise, suggest that the Partner is the person to the right of the Chewer. 

2) The Partner places an ear to the Chewer's cheek. 
2.a) The Chewer takes a small piece of one of the foods, and chews as necessary. 

2.b) The goal, if one is needed, would be to identify what is being chewed, and perhaps how much of it, along with some estimate of swallow duration. 

2.c) Or perhaps both Partner and Chewer both chew and listen at the same time whilst simultaneously attempting to identify what the other is eating. To make this activity almost involuntarily amusing, see 1.b.a.

3) Estimated duration: 3-8 minutes. Activity is often left incomplete due to hilarious incapacitance. 




A) Announce the following rules summarily:

I) Participants must serve each other

II) No participant can serve himself (and/or hers)

3) Or ask to be fed

B) Play for 3-20 minutes.