Fun Coaching Q&A

Q. I want to be a Fun Coach. What’s a Fun Coach?

A: Click this:

Q. What do I have to do to become a Fun Coach?

A. Find someone who needs more fun. Help them find it.

Q. I mean, how do I learn to be a Fun Coach?

A. See answer above.

Q. OK, so what I’m saying is “how do I get to be a certified Fun Coach?

A. Everyone you help certifies you.

Q. All right, let me try it another way. How do I get better at it?

A. Find someone else who needs to have more fun. Help them have it.

Q. Let me put it this way: Is there a place I can go to learn more about different ways to make things fun?

A. Sure. Right here.

Q. Is there anyone who can coach me on how to be a better Fun Coach?

A. Thought you’d never ask.

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