A note from a friend

by Bernard De Koven on June 30, 2010

What has consistently proven to be the most fun for me is bringing more fun to other people. And even more, when I bring more fun to other people who are bringing more fun to other people.

Marie Martin, an old friend from Perth was attending a class the other day, and asked to write a post card to someone she would put on her own personal pedestal. It was me she sent the post card to. Me.

She wrote:

Tonight I was at a facilitators’ network meeting when I was asked to think of someone who had really made a difference to my life as a facilitator. And you were my inspiration. You have made such an impact on my thinking. I share your Me/We with lots of new facilitators. Your blog makes me smile every day. Your joy of and in life gives me a model and a goal for maintaining my positivity and energy. I feel so blessed that I not only found you during my Ph.D., but had the privilege of sharing time with you and Rocky and family. So this is a thank you – for your wisdom, your passion, and your love.

And, well, aw shucks and stuff.

Her post card came at a when I’ve been thinking alot about my “legacy,” as people of my age often do. That’s what Fun Coaching is all about for me – one last big push legacy-wards. Or perhaps the next to the last. But Marie (yes, I phoned her, in Perth, in Australia) helped me realize that I have not only left a legacy of significant legaciousness, but that everything I do, even this post, is more legacy-leaving. And suddenly, my soul got reorganized. And I sighed. Deeply.

And then I laughed.

And then I wrote this, to thank her, and to remind me.

And now you’ve read it.

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