by Bernard De Koven on May 16, 2012

My interest in street games, both traditional and new, continues unabated. I suppose because of their informality, because they invite play – open to everyone –  and because they are so elegantly designed (easy to understand, clear rules, clear boundaries, easy to adapt).

Recently, a friend of mine shared the following.

“The Dutch championship of a classic street game called ‘Stoepranden’ (roughly translated as ‘sidewalktouch’),” writes  Ianus Keller (I met Ianus when he and my son were both students at Delft University of Technology. I was significantly impressed by his genius. We have stayed in touch since) “where two people stand opposite of a street and throw a ball to the side of the sidewalk of your opponent. If it bounces you can walk forward and catch the ball until you reach the other side.

“The kicker: the game has faded away because of the advent of more cars, so the organizers thought that older people would be in advantage. The winner was a surprise: 13-year old Iselene Visser.”


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