the gift of playfulness

by Bernard De Koven on June 22, 2012

Playfulness, like the kind of playfulness I described in yesterday’s post, isn’t really an achievement. It’s a gift. Let me say that again. Playfulness isn’t an achievement, it’s a gift. And that gift comes to those who choose to receive it.

Even though I rigorously claim that “the playful path is the shortest road to happiness,” it often happens that we don’t choose to be playful. We could, but we don’t. Maybe we’re not happy enough. Maybe some perverse part of ourselves is having more fun being miserable. But even the best of us, even the most professionally playful of us, forget to be playful. And even though we have the choice and we know we have the choice, we simply can’t get ourselves to play. We can’t act playfully, or feel playful or be playful.

Those are the times when it’s clearest:

Playfulness is not an achievement. It’s a gift.

In fact, I bet you could say the same thing about happiness.

A Playful Path photoA playful path is the shortest road to happiness.
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