What are your favorite things to do with friends that are cheap, easy and instantly fun?

by Bernard De Koven on June 12, 2012

What are your favorite things to do with friends that are cheap, easy and instantly fun? (there are currently 8043 comments) – found on Ask Reddit (one of a myriad of crowdsourced queries).

Here are a few of the tamer responses:

  •  I invented a game called “Good Advice/Bad Advice.” It’s like a…version of “Apples To Apples.” Basically, you collect a bunch of questions from advice columns on the internet (Dan Savage’s column usually gives us the most mileage.) You read a question aloud, then flip a coin — if it lands on heads, everyone else has three minutes to write down the best advice possible to that person. If it lands on tails, you have three minutes to write down the WORST ADVICE POSSIBLE. Then the responses are folded up and thrown into a pile, you read them aloud and declare whichever answer you thinks is best. Whoever’s answer gets picked, they get a point (and a beer) and then it’s the next guy’s turn to read a question.
  • Sock Wrestling. Take your shoes off and move to someplace carpeted. Try and take each other’s socks off. First person to not be wearing socks loses.
  • Very very late to the party, but a game my friends used to play as young ones (age 10-13) was called “The Backyard Game”. Chances are, if you play it now – you will get the cops called on you, or possibly shot. This is how we played…There were two teams of 2-4 people. One team sat on the porch, and another team went in the backyard. The goal was for the team that started in the backyard to get to a destination usually directly across the street without being spotted. You could only play this game at night. The team on the porch would have a flashlight and if they thought they saw you – would shine it in that direction and say “I see you”. If you were spotted, you would have to go back to the backyard and try again. They could only do this 2-3 times each (to keep from them just saying it a bunch of times and getting lucky when they never really saw you). We did everything from hop fences and go through yards, to hopping into the yard behind and walking completely around the block. We usually had to do a variation of army crawls, rolling across streets, and dodging and hiding and ducking into pine trees. It was lots of fun, but like I said – I don’t think anyone could get away with it now – the game is pretty much based off of trespassing.  Ahhh the good old days.

There are many, many, many more. Some not safe for work. Some just not safe.

Link via Jim Moskowitz

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