does fun make you live longer?

by Bernard De Koven on July 11, 2012

It seems to me that the more fun you have, especially fun of the loving kind, the happier you’ll be, now, and in the long run. It also seems to me that, when you find yourself approaching, so to speak, the finish line, you will feel a lot better about the life you’ve lived, and you just might have had a longer run.

Today, after having watched Jane McGonigal talk about “the game that give you 10 extra years of life,” I’m beginning to think maybe yes, maybe you do get to live longer if you bring more fun to your life. I’m only 70, so I can’t really tell yet. As for games, I’m not sure that any one particular game is going to do it for me. I play a lot of games, and in all likelihood it’s the people I play with, rather than any particular game or group of games, that’s making things fun enough to keep my life worth living.

Jane has a lot to say about all this. She talks more about games than I do, but I think she means the same. She is a friend, and I respect her and her vision.  And I think if you watch this, you will, too.

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