Swings are for Whee

by Bernard De Koven on July 23, 2012

Swings (rope swings, tire swings, chain swings, porch swings, hammock swings) are for fun. That’s all they’re for. And all they’ve been for for a very long time. The sculpture in the picture, according to our local Wikkipediaist, was made sometime between 1450-1300 B.C.

Swings are for sitting and rocking and dreaming and exercising and sometimes doing really scary, stupid things, like for example Kiiking, an example of what one one might call extreme swinging. There are lots of other examples. Here’s one more.

Swings are for making us say “whee” and for sharing that experience with our kids (an experience we so much love that we’re willing to push and push until our arms are weigh ten times normal just so we can hear them say “whee,” just so we can get that occasional glimpse of glee. When visiting my inner playground, I my inner swingset is usually the first thing I play on.

Swings are for being alone, and for sharing, for acts of bravery and contemplation and sweet, loving awe.

A couple of days ago, PinkNinya Yammer-BlastLil reminded me what swings can be for. She sent me this:

With this explanation:

“We like to invite people to play in different ways, and see what happens. This video shows two simple invitations: swing on our long, rad swing out back, and play around in making a song. The two go together kinda, well, swingingly.” ThePlayNexus

Like I said, swings are for whee.

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