by Bernard De Koven on July 18, 2012

Wip’N’Kip, (a..k.a. Chick’N’Run), a game by Fourcelabs, is a, well, chicken race. It’s like a horse race, except that the horses are giant wooden chickens that are attached to springs (though these are clearly no spring chickens) and instead of running, rock, and the jockeys are at least as focused on the sheer silliness of the game as they are on winning.

Horse-racing is a very old, very traditional game, that has had centuries to make it into a serious pursuit – one that earns millions of dollars for the riders and owners of the winning horses, and the fortunate few who have bet on them. By taking such a deeply established event and transforming it into a public display of glee-worthy silliness, Fourcelabs follows closely in the steps of New Games, inviting a very different kind of play that is, in its not too subtle way, revolutionary. Hence, producing yet another example of a “newer game.”

Here, from their site, is a video of the game in action.

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