by Bernard De Koven on September 4, 2012

The Cootie Catcher, that little Origami fortune teller toy that almost every 9-year-old in the world has played with, is even more fun than you remember. For example, there’s a site called Downloadable Cootie Catchers. Right now, there are only five different kinds of cootie catcher designs, one of which was submitted by a reader. And that one’s for Passover.

But those 5 examples, along with an additional template (in PowerPoint format for easy tweaking), are inspirational. The Fairy Tale design, for example, demonstrates how you can make a kind of “choose your own adventure” cootie catcher. The Party Challenge turns your Cootie Catcher into a party game center. Love is a gift, in deed.

And, should you find yourself in a book score or online, there’s a Klutz book filled with further Cootie Catcher inspirations, complete with 21 pre-printed Cootie Catchers for your almost immediate cootie catching.

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