Play is fun, too

by Bernard De Koven on September 6, 2012

If you have been following me as I meander through the implications and manifestions of fun, you’ll understand why I’m sharing a post I found – a post called “Play vs Fun.” I quote:

We played this weekend.  Yep, there I said it. We played.  Not “we had fun this weekend”, but “we played this weekend”.  The difference?  There is no motive for play except well play.  Nothing gets checked off a list when you play except the item that says “play.”  I can have fun doing so many things.  I can have fun cleaning my house if I am in the right mood and have some good tunes playing.  I can have fun at work.  I can have fun packing boxes for our move. AND that is so good to find fun inside the things I need to do.  I love that I can make most things fun and enjoyable.  What I have trouble doing is not doing anything “worthwhile”–that is something on a list that has an end result.  I am “play challenged” no doubt.  I think some of that is from my upbringing.  Some of that thinking is just because of the person that I am-I am a doer.  So for me to say “no work all play” this weekend is pretty monumental.

Actually, I find myself wanting to entire post with you. In fact, before you read further, do us both a favor – click on the link I linked to when I shared the link: Play vs Fun.

Read it? A very good addition, don’t you think, to our dialog. A helpful reminder about what we’re about.

So now that you have, and not in any way to divert you from your contemplations, I just have to ask you this: do you think we’d play if it wasn’t fun?


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