The Philosophy of Play

by Bernie DeKoven on September 18, 2012

My virtual colleague Marc Armitage, (a profoundly playful advocate of free play and adventure playgrounds) shared the following quote:

“Play is ultimately impossible to explain because it is not a meaning but, rather, the very condition for the possibility of meaning as such. It could be called an impossible possibility.”

~John Wall (Ethicist), Ethics in the light of childhood (2010)

Searching a very little further, I discovered (on his bio page from Rutgers University), a video of his lecture  on the Philosophy of Play.

Here‘s the last seven minutes – to get a taste. In it, he talks about how we need to learn about play from the experts (children, of course), how play is not a separate activity, but “a quality of being in the world;” how play is about the creation of new meaning; and how, therefore, philosophy, itself, is play. If you’re still hungry for more, you’ll find the whole lecture, in its full, 41 minute, subtly flavored sumptuousness, below:

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