The Fun-Focused Game

by Bernard De Koven on November 1, 2012

OK. One more word. Well, a lot of words. Continuing the conversation that we’ve been more or less having since this blog began. Most recently with the post on inclusive games, and before that the one talking about the “shared whee,” and before that even, “coliberative” games. And that’s only recently. Like I said, it’s kind of a long-running theme.

So, here’s one more way to frame all this: the kind of game you might call “fun-focused,” where the only reason anybody has for playing it is for the fun of it. A longish article, in which I so pithily observe: “The thing that makes this whole idea so worth thinking about is that fun-focused games are all about everybody having fun, certainly everybody who wants to be having fun.” An idea which is, strangely enough, not so commonly associated with games.

Try it. Read it, in fact. Click on the link (OK, here it is again). Let me know what you think.

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