healing fun

by Bernard De Koven on November 21, 2011

In last Friday’s post, When Fun Goes Bad, I described how games and play and fun, because they are living things, reflect all faces of life, all purposes, all tendencies, all weaknesses and strengths. It was that particular observation that led me to focus much of my efforts on describing and developing certain kinds of fun, for example: loving fun, whole fun, healing funmajor and minor fun, meaningful fun and deep fun.

So I reiterate: not any old fun will do. The successful pursuit the playful path, or whatever it is that you want to call the efforts you make to bring fun to life (find fun in life, share fun, create fun, get and stay and help others be happier), relies on the pursuit of those kinds of fun that are healthy (physically, spiritually, socially) and healing.

Today, I find myself particularly enjoying the connotations of the idea of healing fun. I’ve frequently observed how doing something even mildly fun, innocently fun, safe, unthreatening, gently fun – playing a silly game like just about any game you’d find in my Playing for Laughs collection, like, for example, Dum, Dum, Da, Da – how it seems to have a healing effect on the group spirit. On individual spirits as well, for sure. But on the group as a whole, whole as in healthy, as in healed. How people get more relaxed, more responsive, more tolerant of each other, how they laugh more readily, how they accept each other more easily.

The idea of Fun Coaching is very much about that – not about healing with fun, but rather about engaging in the kinds of fun that you can best describe as healing. It doesn’t even have to be organized, or even involve playing a game. It can be fun of a very minor fun kind. It can be a sport, even. And whatever form it takes, fun of the healing kind is the kind of fun to which we (I) maybe should be playing much closer and more consistent attention.

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Food art for healing fun

by Bernard De Koven on September 30, 2010

The story:

“After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, complete placenta previa, and incompetent cervix, she was put on bed rest and a strict special diet. In the early months of bed rest, Shirley’s “dull” breakfasts were limited to egg whites, wheat bread, peanut butter, and a few fruits and veggies. To liven up Shirley’s bland meals, her husband Gat began to create funny faces out of boiled eggs and toast.”

The lesson:

It doesn’t take much to make things fun, especially little things, like breakfast. Making things like breakfast fun, especially when food is so restricted that breakfast become so depressingly dull and limited, is an act of love and healing.

The recipe: Start with something that is fun for you. Add a little creativity, a little playfulness, and a little love, and you get genuinely, deeply healing fun.

You can see pictures of all 19 breakfasts. But that’s almost besides the point.

via Neatorama

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Fun and healing

August 4, 2010

David Spero, R.N., makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of The Healing Value of Fun. It’s a long article, appearing on the Diabetes Self-Management website – which, for people who have diabetes, is a site to take seriously in deed. Here, at length, is a sugarless taste of some of his valuable insights: However […]