games of movement and spectacle

If it’s July 15th, between 2-5:30 and you’re in England, in, say, Holland Park, you just might think about joining the merry many in “processions down pathways, walking tours, memories, hiding, scurrying, running, pondering and much more,” all this being a production and presentation of an organization that calls itself Hide & Seek, yet one more recipient of the coveted Defender of the Playful thing.

Below, for your informational delight, is a partial list of social/conceptual delights awaiting your participation. It is to play:

A game of hiding and guarding. Navigate the labyrinth without waking the Minotaur – or protect the Minotaur’s treasure from thieves.

Heresy! (Marc Vousden)
Revolution is in the air. Secretly gather a group of rebels from the crowd to mount a public challenge for power in the ceremony of heresy.

Drift (Nikki Pugh)
Three graceful characters move around Holland Park. One of them is broadcasting a message intimately linked with the landscape. Collect a sash and join the drift: sense, deduce and glide. Can you successfully approach the correct one and receive a gift?Sashes developed with the support of Fermynwoods Contemporary Art.

Chocolate Chippies
Play as a cute squirrel trying to get his share of the bounty of chocolate chip cookies in the brutal, dangerous world of a London park. Find or beg for cookies, isolate precious chips from the dough, gather and protect your bounty. But beware of humans: they too like chocolate.

Liars’ Parkland Stroll (Chris Roberts and Silvana Maimone)
London Liars’ Walks present a parkland of porkies. See if you can spot the true tales from the false in this gentle 45 minute stroll.

Orrery (The Haberdashery)
Dance your precious cargo through the stately spin of bodies, or reverse an opponents revolution to thwart their schemes.

Punch The Custard (George Buckenham)
Exactly what it sounds like – a game about being the best at punching a bucket of custard.

Hippokampos in the Grey Matter (Pollie Barden and MzTEK)
Explore Holland Park through collecting hidden micro memories to create a new memory of your adventures to share. Bring camera/phone.

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