Giant Cards at USC

Here are some photos of the final project of the USC, School of Cinema – Television, Interactive Media Department’s Fall, 2005 course called “Experiments in Interactivity I.”

Justin Hall, one of the fortunate few who took this course, explains:

“Students learned that getting busy people to participate in a public game can be challenging. How can you make something exciting, inviting – easy to try, and rewarding to play over time?

“Large-scale gaming is inviting, the students agreed – giant playing pieces are both visible and tantalizing. They drew inspiration from Frank Lantz’s “Big Urban Game” in Minneapolis, where citizens of Minneapolis/St. Paul were invited to move one of three 25-foot-tall inflatable game pieces across the city.

“Giant-sized playing cards offered a mix of the exotic and familiar. Everyone recognizes the two of clubs, or the Ace of diamonds; but to see them four feet by three feet, walking across campus? Students debated whether to make up new games, new cards, new rules. While they had some fun exploring different possibilities, students decided that the simplicity of a deck of 52 cards would be inviting, while the giant scale should be suitably mindblowing and thoroughly challenging.

“The cards are designed to be so large that no one person could expect to carry more than one or two. For a full game of poker, you’d need three or four other people to help you manage a hand, and keep it hidden!”

You can read the rest of Justin’s comments here. And then there are these photos posted on yet another website by yet another student, Brad Newman. I expect more, later. Lots.

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