The Therapeutics of Primal Glee, according to the Oaqui*

No one ever said it's easy to be Oaqui. Even if one is totally Oaqui, totally immersed in a totally Oaqui-saturated environment, being a totally-actualized Oaqui -- there are, in sum, times when it's just too hard to maintain the correct Oaquitude. And things just generally fall pretty much apart. Totally.

These are the times when sanity becomes a definitely attractive option, even for the Oaqui.

For Oaqui and non-Oaqui alike the return to some version of relative sanity frequently requires the assistance of a full-time expert -- a Professional Therapist who is intimately familiar with the practice of the therapy, who has spent a life time in its pursuit, and has made it a life's work.

Fun, as we know, is endemic to the nature of any Oaqui enterprise. Thus, unlike the non-Oaqui forms of therapy, all Oaqui therapies are Fun Therapies. Amongst the Oaqui, the term Play Therapy is redundant.

It is interesting to note how parallel, yet non-intersecting are the practices of Oaqui Therapy and non-Oaqui so-called Play Therapy. Whereas amongst the non-Oaqui, Play Therapy is for children, Oaqui (inherently fun) Therapy sessions are for adults. Whilst amongst the non-Oaqui the goal is to help patients confront primal pain, betwixt the Oaqui nothing is more therapeutic nor more primal to confront than fun.

A typical Oaqui Therapy session may involve hours of intense silliness punctuated by moments of sheer hysteria, until it is generally agreed that the patient/s has/ve been able to recover another moment of absolute fun.

Through marathon sessions, sometimes attended by a whole team of Oaqui fun Therapist/s, the Oaqui is ultimately given the opportunity to relive those truly primal moments of rapturous laughter which are so central to the formation of the Oaqui character: to the first total tickle, the first wet-your-pants giggles, the first ecstasy of achievement. Amongst the Oaqui, these early and momentary experiences are the most powerful examples of what the non-Oaqui classify as trauma. For the Oaqui Therapist, these are the moments of Primal Glee.

The Oaqui Therapist is greatly admired for his/her mastery over a wide variety of Glee-evoking techniques and tools, but even more admired for his/herself/ves'/'s personal capacity for Glee. Amongst the Oaqui, none is more continually and reliably Glee-prone than the Oaqui Therapist.

Another significant deviation between Oaqui Therapy and the kinds of so-called play therapies practiced amongst the non-Oaqui is age factor. Whilst amongst the non-Oaqui it is the adult and most senior therapist who commands the greatest respect and salary, amongst the Oaqui, the younger the Therapist, the more highly his/her services are valued. In truth, many of our most cherished and revered of Oaqui Therapist/s is/are known to be /a/ mere child/ren, often merely in the early twenties: months, sometimes weeks, sometimes days, even.