Subversive Golf

The development of Subversive Golf was initiated by the DeepFUN group. There is potentially more to come.

From: susanstopp(at) Date: Sun Jan 6, 2002 2:18 pm Subject: subversive golf Who has ideas for a miniature golf tournament -- the antithesis of those serious things on huge masses of manicured turf? Surely one rule would have to relate to the dress code, don't you think? And what else? I'd love to put something together for a bunch of lawyers I work with. All suggestions gratefully accepted.

From: Christopher Avery Date: Sun Jan 6, 2002 4:03 pm Subject: Re: [DeepFun] subversive golf Cigar rule: For only 2 additional strokes per hole, you may indulge in the smelly stogie of your choice.

From: rosie harrison Date: Sun Jan 6, 2002 3:58 pm Subject: Re: [DeepFun] subversive golf HI, I have to admit I don't play golf and I also have to say that it does not look like a fun game - here are some varied suggestions to get you started. Restrict the number of clubs to 3. Make people drive with putters and put with sand wedges etc, etc...or find a way to creat a random selection of the clubs Allocate each member in the set(the number of people that play the round together) a number. At the end of each hole jot down the score for each number. Each player throws a dice and whatever number comes up they get the score associated with it. - Perhaps that is just downright cruel - but it will make it very unpredictable. Can you putt with the opposite hand??? Are blindfolds too dangerous - player putting then coached in shot by 'partner'.. There is a folk dance where each time the music stops the lead person in the set moves forward to the set in front (or behind) would that be possible so that no set of 4 stayed the same??? Everybody would get to play a hole with everybody else. hope they prove a springboard

From: "Jan Nickerson" Date: Sun Jan 6, 2002 4:14 pm Subject: Re: [DeepFun] subversive golf Responding to Susan's request for ideas for a minature golf tournament: At one company I worked for, we held a miniature golf tournament in the office. Putting down the corridors, into one office, after another. Setting up traps, diversions and hazards. Lots of fun. At another client whose managers loved golf but hated measurements, I used golf as the metaphor for getting the managers' attention on measures of success. I designed both my workshop presentation and the 18-week plan like 18 hole golf courses. Metaphors included: when to use the driver (long range strategy), when the 5 iron (getting out of the rough) and when the putter (for sinking gimmes). Regardless of how well (or poorly) we play, we still keep score, and those few great shots keep us coming back for more. Here are some of the "rules" I proposed: 1. Observe All USGA Rules (That's Us Getting Along Rules) 2. Out of Bounds: A closed mind. Suspend judgment until you've thoroughly considered the viability of a new idea. 3. Play in Sequence: First Relatedness, then Diverging into Possibility, Converge with Opportunity, Secure Commitments before getting into Action, and finally, Complete the round. Expect Breakdowns if you play out of sequence. 4. Local Rules: Unlimited mulligans when exploring possibilities and opportunities. 5. Use the proper club for the distance - Listen to what others have to contribute 6. Repair Ball Marks on Green - Profit from your mistakes and share the lesson with folks who will be following you 7. Keep score as you go along. And have fun! Depending upon your purpose, you might be able to engage the players in developing the rules and metaphors appropriate for their situation. Feel free to borrow or adapt these. Hope this is helpful. Oh, I particularly treasured finding this quote, from Golf in the Kingdom: "So Agatha spoke about golf and about the love men have for one another. "It's the only reason ye play at all, " she said. "It's a way ye've found to get togither and yet maintain a proper distance. I know you men. Yer not like women or Italians huggin' and embracin' each other. Ye need tae feel yer separate love. Just look - ye winna' come home or on time if yer with the boys, I've learned that o'er the years. The love ye feel for your friends is too strong for that. All those gentlemanly rools, why, they're the proper rools of affection - all the waitin' and oohin' and ahin' o'er yer shots, all the talk o this one's drive and that one's putt and the other one's gorgeous swing - what is it all but love? Men lovin' men, that's what golf is." Collaboratively, Jan "There's no use playin' if the fascination doesna' take ye.... That fascination frees our journey through the worlds and opens the doors to where we want to go." Shivas in Golf in the Kingdom

From: "Major FUN" Date: Sun Jan 6, 2002 5:54 pm Subject: Re: subversive golf There's also Carol Ann's Backwards approach: - people could start out at the hole and try to get the ball to the tee. Then there's Free Form golf: designate something as the "hole" (a tree, garbage can, sewer lid), estimate par, and try to make it exactly. How about playing in teams, each team using only one club, taking turns hitting the ball, the score being the total strokes taken by the team. I wonder how satisfying it would be to play golf with a ping pong ball, or a super ball... Gosh, I love this group!

From: Carol Ann Fried Date: Mon Jan 7, 2002 12:22 am Subject: Re: [DeepFun] subversive golf i have another idea. how about each team shaking dice before each hole, and their score then becomes how close (plus or minus) they get to getting the ball in the hole in that exact number of strokes. happy new year, fun friends - ca -- Prayer is talking to God. Intuition is God talking to you.

From: "Richard Davies" Date: Mon Jan 7, 2002 4:40 pm Subject: RE: [DeepFun] subversive golf DeepThanks, DeepMajor, for your DeepLeadership ……… on golf subversion say teams of 3 normal clubs, balls etc. normal tee off the 3 team members decide which of the team members shot was the worst. They collect their balls & all 3 play the next shot from that worst spot. …….. the 3 team members decide which of the team members shot was the worst. They collect their balls & all 3 play the next shot ………. repeated Mix the really DeepGolfers with the notso players & watch DeepChange regards

From: "jonceejon" Date: Mon Jan 7, 2002 7:54 am Subject: Re: [DeepFun] subversive golf OK 24 people, one tee, one ball, one hole, one golf club (could be a hockey stick or a base ball bat or a pool que stick or a diggery do (sp?)). 6 teams of 4. Each team member rolls one die and the total is the number of strokes the team has. Each team uses their strokes to go from tee to hole to tee to hole as many times as possible. Each member of the team must play once per 4 strokes - it could be a b c d one time and d c a b the next time. Also 5 card tables and 4 chairs per table. Each table has a game, like 4 sided chess, backgammon for 4 people, a 100 piece puzzle with only one color as the picture, etc. The teams not playing golf would participate in the card table games. The games would be set up so the teams would get a collective score. They would rotate games so everyone would play each of them. Awards would be for various activities Golf - most distance - least distance - etc. The best dressed team. The team most likely to succeed after completing the game. The best quote from the card tables. The best chess, backgammon, etc. teams. The team with the average height closest to the average of all the average heights of the teams. best Jon

From: "Major FUN" Date: Mon Jan 7, 2002 1:52 pm Subject: Re: subversive golf Brilliant, Jon! Talk about subversive! I'd also suggest that after a player has made a move on any of the board games, s/he must go to another board game, thus keeping all somewhere between flow and chaos.

From: "Jon Jenkins" Date: Mon Jan 7, 2002 11:31 pm Subject: RE: [DeepFun] Re: subversive golf Dear Major FUN Great! I thought it was chaos and order or was it chaos and flow or flow and order? For those who are not so comfortable with chaos (fun for everyone), we could have "official" spectators, a cheerleading section, a roving reporter, a quote collector, a lager lout (rowdy beer drinker), etc. best Jon C. Jenkins Imaginal Training Groningen, The Netherlands The "International Facilitator's Companion"

From: "Major FUN" Date: Tue Jan 8, 2002 4:06 am Subject: Re: subversive golf Jon, I love this! I think we might even cosider making some kind or regular rotation between players and "official spectators," "cheerleaders," and "roving reporters" - you know, play a little, watch a little, cheer a little, report a little. As for your "lager lout" - that might need to be a more permanent role.

From: "Jon Jenkins" Date: Tue Jan 8, 2002 5:58 am Subject: RE: [DeepFun] Re: subversive golf Dear Major FUN You have to be careful with those who have a low chaos threshold. Too much chaos and it wouldn't be fun. For those with a low order threshold (high chaos) we could have a special place in the center of things. A screamer would shout in their ears nonsense syllables at a random variety of loudnesses and pitches. There could be a picker who would pull at items of clothes, touch their hands and faces and hair. Strobe lights would in a slow but random manner flash in their faces. Colors would vary. A odor emitter could randomly send different strong smells. They would sit on a loop - t - loop sometimes upside down and sideways. The weather person would blow snow or tropical winds over them, again randomly. Finally a variety of encyclopedia sales persons would pitch them. Too much order would not be fun. best Jon C. Jenkins Imaginal Training Groningen, The Netherlands The "International Facilitator's Companion"

From: Dianne Hofner Saphiere Date: Wed Jan 9, 2002 12:22 pm Subject: Re: [DeepFun] Digest Number 85 In response to Susan's query about a miniature golf tournament: the best one I've seen was at my husband's club a few years ago (he manages a private country club). It was for the employee party, and each "division" (the kitchen staff, banquets, greens and grounds, accounting, golf staff, etc) had to create one hole - indoors as it was winter. My favorite holes were the "tennis" hole -- they set it all up with kid's toys to hit the ball through/over/past, and the "banquets" hole -- they used a bunch of those metal plate covers to create the fairway. Not sure how you'd modify something like that for lawyers, maybe use legal accoutrements to make the hole???? It was FUN. Best, Dianne

From: "Luke Barber" Date: Wed Jan 9, 2002 12:51 pm Subject: [DeepFUN] Re: Subversive Golf Don't know if this qualifies as deep fun or even fun, but if you want to practice your putting you can try Peace, Luke

From: "Luke Barber" Date: Wed Jan 9, 2002 2:37:17 PM Subject: [DeepFUN] Re: Subversive Golf - Major FUN et al . . . I believe that subversive golf should be a part of any game day. I want to thank everyone for their subversive golf suggestions. They inspired me to this morning disrupt the college president's staff meeting to invite them out for a game of subversive golf. The entire (and very startled) 12 member President's Cabinet followed me out into the hall where I had set up a one-hole subversive golf tournament. Players had to hit from the tea box (a box of Liptons tea) with their ball on the tea (a tea bag). Most golfers would call the hole a "dog leg right;" however, we at the Work Like Your Dog Institute don't like to think of disconnected dog parts, so the hole was a chicken leg to the right into the President's office. (Even though I am a vegetarian, we did have an actual chicken leg on the floor to mark the turn.) If the players hit their ball through the chicken leg then they had to hit their next shot out of the trap. (We used the lint trap from my clothes dryer for that.) Obviously, if one went into the trap they had to hit out with a wedge rather than their putter, so we used a wedge of cheddar cheese. I got the feeling that several players hit through the chicken leg on purpose, just so they could play out of the lint trap with the cheese.) Just inside the President's Office was the cup (which was one of my treasured Mickey Mouse Tea Cups). After the one-hole tournament we had a closest to the pen contest. Everyone got one putt to see who could come closest to the President's desk pen set. The lowest score was 4 and the highest 15; however, I declared that everyone had won, because everyone played. The President's Cabinet returned to their boring meeting still laughing. Everyone agreed that it was deep fun. Peace, Luke Luke Barber, Ph.D Professor of Philosophy Richland College Dallas, TX 75238 (972) 238-6208

From: "Greg Hanek" Hiya Major FUN, Not certain if you're trying to keep DeepFun G-rated (or even PG), so I'll send this to you first, for your review. Does this count as subversive golf, too? Start at then go to And finally see and for some background info to better understand this subversive vision of golf... :-) -- Greg Hanek Please help put the "fun" back in dysfunctional.

From: susanstopp(at) Date: Sat Jan 12, 2002 2:11pm Subject: subversive golf It has been a great joy to read the comments that have come in since I posed my question about an anti-golf tournament on the miniature golf links. In addition, your comments have been very helpful. My original idea has morphed as a result, and now I've proposed to my boss that we develop an indoor miniature golf game to introduce folks to our new digs shortly after we move this spring. "We" are a legal aid office, and I'm now proposing that the staff lawyers design the holes. I can imagine one about benefits involving lots of zigs and zags, with pillars and posts to bounce from. We'll also need a housing hole (an apt name, considering what some of our clients live in), and holes on family reunification, protection from violence, access to health care, and employment discrimination, among others. Designing the holes might be more fun than actually implementing the game. Thanks to all of you for helping to shape this idea. susan