The Games Preserve



The Games Preserve was a retreat center established by Bernie De Koven and his family so that Bernie could teach people about the restoring powers of play. Teachers, therapists, physical educators, prison offiicials, clergy, people from all walks of life came to the Games Preserve to spend a few hours or a weekend exploring the world of games.

The photo shows the inside of the barn - a 40'x40' area given over totally to housing Bernie's ever-expanding collection of games. Bernie and friends managed to create an environment that was responsive to everyone's play interests. For the energetic there were flying rings and sliding board and a collection of exercise toys. For the somewhat less energetic, pool and ping pong, air hockey and a collection of wooden action games (you can see a game of skittles in the lower left of the picture). For the contemplative, an extensive collection of board games and puzzles and books about everything that had anything to do with play and games. For the creative, hundreds of square feet of chalkboard.