Host your own Olympics

So, let’s say you’re planning for another glorious night and or day of Olympics-watching, and you decide to make a little party of if, something you can do, maybe, between events, or during a particular event in which you have little collective interest.

I, your host here on DeepFun, happen to have just the game for you. It’s called, variously. One of the various callings is Tabletop Olympics. I’ll be playing it tonight at my local daughter’s house.

It’s cute. It’s simple. You don’t have to prepare anything. And it makes people laugh.

It starts like this: you divide people into groups. No fewer than three, no more than seven per is my suggestion. You ask each group to make up an Olympic-like sport (one that has measurable results so it’s easy to decide who wins, that can be played in 2 minutes or less, and that involves some kind of physical skill of questionable value). Like, for example, the Coin Catapult event depicted in herein.

You give them, what, ten minutes to perfect their sport, maybe another five minutes to create their equivalent of Olympic-like medals, and perhaps another five minutes to develop their award ceremony, and maybe ten more minutes to create their national identity (plus, if you want, another fifteen for flag, language, and anthem creation). O, yes, the even has to take place on a tabletop. And people can only use props they can find in their immediate vicinities (including backpacks, wallets, purses, kitchen drawers).

Here, you will find also your own copy of the normally $10, PDF version of something more closely approximating instructions, for which I will gladly accept any small donation.

Embeded below is a video from one such event, as rendered unto the fortunate few who attended a conference held at the LEGO headquarters in 2009.

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