Identity Exchange – the game

Preparing for my keynote address on The Fun Factor, I decided to start with, what else? – a game.

I call it Identity Exchange. You can call it something else.

Part 1

Take off your name tag – put it in your pocket or something. Stand up. Look around. Find someone near you who doesn’t already know you and vice versa. Introduce yourselves to each other. (I am…I come from…I work on….My hobbies are…)

Part 2

Now, find someone and introduce yourself as if you were the person you were just introduced to.

Part 3

Do this several many times – with at least 4 different people who are standing or sitting in at least 4 different directions you haven’t gone in before – or  until I tell you to stop.

See if you meet yourself.

Afterpart 1

Think about:

1. When was this first fun

2. When was this most fun

Afterpart 2


Did you even think that it didn’t really matter what identity you exchanged, insofar as nobody who didn’t know you could possibly know if the identity you claimed actually came from someone else? If you did think so, did you still stay true to the game? Yourself?

Afterpart 3


If this was a simulation game, what would it be a simulation of?


playing with people you already know

Think of something about yourself that you are pretty sure nobody else knows. Now play the game as already described.

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