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Inner eyeMovie™

Sit around someplace together where you can relax and hear each other talking. Imagine that each of you is using a movie editor. Pretending, of course. Everybody pretending the same thing – that everyone is using the latest Imaginary Software from the Imaginary Company: Inner eyeMovie™.

Using Inner eyeMovie, your mind looks like a computer screen. On that screen is a movie clip – one that you can play at will. Surrounding that clip is a smaller bunch of clips. If you wanted to add a new clip to your Inner eyeMovie, all you’d do is pick any one of the clips you see on the right and drag it down into the row of clips (the “clip strip”) you see on the bottom.

The selection of clips keeps on changing, depending on what you happen to be thinking of at the time. So, for example, if you find yourself thinking about aardvarks, you’d see a bunch of aardvark clips.

The clips on the bottom don’t change, of course, unless you drag them around or away. Inner eyeMovie technology, of course, eliminates the “drag” entirely. You just think clips into place.

Editing has already started. Someone said something about a kid playing golf with junk, and you almost immediately found yourself looking at a bunch of clips showing kids, golf and junk in various activities and combinations.

You pick the one you like best, drag it into its position on the clip strip, and pass control to the next player, who does the same with her own personal, and currently networked copy of Inner eyeMovie, e.g., selecting the next clip from the library of clips suggested by yours, and adding it to the clip strip on the bottom.

From time to time, play your loop, as it were, running the movie in your inner theater, from first to last.

Consider adding a sound editor.

Consider adding smell and maybe even touch editors.

Yes, of course, if everyone clearly wants to, you can move stuff around as well as in and out of the clip strip. But you do need everyone to see it the same way, so to speak. So you sooner or later you have to tell people what you see. And they have to tell you what they see. I’d suggest taking turns.

Continue until the movie is finished.

Play movie.

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