An Introduction to Intimate Fun

Intimate fun is a dance between two very big mysteries.

Intimate fun is a dance between two very big mysteries.

The first is the mystery of ME. This is the mystery with which each of us is most truly intimate. The mystery of self, of mind and body, of oneness and separateness.

The second is the mystery of WE. Of an intimacy that is beyond body. Of an embracing of minds and spirit, of ME plus.

Me on one side. We on the other. The rest is choreography.

Maybe I've been spending too much time on my computer. But whenever I migrate from flash to flesh, I am increasingly amazed at how other each of us is. How other you are. And how other I seem to be when I’m with you. I’ve been focusing especially on how other we both are when we are having fun, and even more especially how other we are when we are having fun together.

Like how, when we’re laughing together, it's as if there's another being laughing with us. Another will. A will not totally in our control.
There’s something very personal about this being we create, something intimate about this kind of fun.

Intimate Fun: the joyous being that we create by our being joyous together: the WE that we become when we are having fun together. The Tickled WE.

Intimate Fun only lasts as long as we are each ticklish. My being tickled in turn tickles you, which in turn tickles me. Our periodic rediscovery of how tickled we each are in turn gives life to the Tickled WE.

I illustrate this thus:

Here we are, in relationship:


Here we are, in love:

It is not about becoming the Other, or realizing the We of the Me or the Me of the We. It's about how often we cross the line. It’s a frequency thing. When we transcend ourselves and affirm each other often enough, something else happens. Something other is created. I think it’s called " love."

To aid you in your personal quests for Tickled WEness, I conclude with the following high-frequency exercises.

Mutual MEditation

Hold each other's wrists so that you can feel each other's pulse. If you don't want to hold on to each other's wrists, any pulsing part of each other's anatomy will do. The stronger the pulse the better.  On every other pulse, say the word 'Me.' Continue doing this until you hear the 'we.' Then start saying 'we.' Perhaps on every third pulse. Saying 'we' over and over again, listening, of course, for the separate and yet cojoined 'Me.'

Follow the Follower

Turn on some gentle music and sit facing each other. One of you is the reflector. The other the reflectee. The reflector simply does whatever the reflectee does. Continue in these roles for 10 inhales. On the 11th, change roles. Continue thusly for the next 8 inhales, and, on the 19th  change roles again. Continue in like manner until you can't tell who is the reflector and who is the reflectee.  

Air Theatre

Lie on your backs, with your heads together, ear-to-ear, and your feet at opposite ends. Put both your hands straight up in the air, above your face, so you can see each other's hands. Think of it as a stage up there, where your disembodied hands can carry on conversations, speaking in your disembodied voices. You're on our backs, hands in the air. You let your fingers do the talking. It's like shadow puppetry without the shadows. Hand shaking. Hand slapping. Hand music. Hand dancing. And whenever you need to thicken the plot, bring in the Foot Beings, the dialog with whom invariably leading to a semi-yogic collectively callisthenic Whole Body Air Theatre.

Food Theatre

1) Prepare at least five or so finger foods, each with a different crunch. For example: cranberry sauce, cashews, ginger snaps, cheese nips, and garbanzo beans. 

1.a) Place each in a small saucers or cuplets. Make two sets. 

1.b) Decide who is going to be the first Chewer.

2) Blindfold the listener. The listener places an ear to the Chewer's cheek. 

2.a) The Chewer takes a small piece of one of the foods, and chews as necessary. 

2.b) The goal, if one is needed, would be to identify what is being chewed, and perhaps how much of it, along with some estimate of swallow duration.

2.c) Or perhaps both Chewer and Chew Detector, both chewing and listening at the same time whilst simultaneously attempting to identify what the other is eating.

3) Estimated duration: 3-8 minutes. Activity is often left incomplete due to hilarious incapacitance.