Joue le jeu / Play Along

Joue le jeu / Play Along – this summer in Paris

I quote:

…On the menu: The Building is, from Hide&Seek (United Kingdom) – a game that winds its way throughout the building and allows visitors to interact with, and influence, its moods! Interference, a strikingly elegant, architectural-scale game from Eric Zimmerman and Nathalie Pozzi (United States); and Opérette, a delightful experience from Daily tous les jours (Canada, QC) that playfully brings the history of la Gaîté lyrique to life.

From the purely joyful to the radically experimental, from simple games to the most elaborate aesthetic experiences, the show’s re-envisioned Arcades shine a light on contemporary indie and artistic games, and the new ways of playing they encourage.

I believe I caught a glimpse of one of our favorite newer games, Johann Sebastian Joust. And mention of some of our equally favorite newer gamers: Cindy Poremba, Eric Zimmerman, and Hide&Seek. These games and people represent a new wave of players, theorists and designers – a wave that promises to bring the kind of invitation to play that I’ve been advocating ever since I wrote The Well-Played Game and joined the New Games Foundation.

Games, workshops, lectures, films, playful, inspiring people. Something  positive and encouraging for you to be part of.

Here’s a short, inspiring clip from the event organizers. If you’re in Paris, you’re probably there.

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