Sacred son (a.k.a. funson) has been prompting me to write a post about the art of “knibbling.” He is correct in assessing the relevance of knibbling to our exploration of the nature of fun. It is most clearly evidence of yet one more of the more than 54 flavors of fun – the performance of scientifically explicable, yet conceptually astounding tricks and/or stunts for the purpose of amazing and astounding your audience.

Few references can be found to the art of knibbling, per say. Effective Googling leads one, ultimately, to this happy reminiscence of bygone knibbling; yet another, found in a 1966 issue of Sports Illustrated mentions knibbling in reference to Coathanger Olympics. Further Googling, however, can result in a plunge into a conceptual abyss, such as the knibbling reference found in the Urban Dictionary, that tells of a Johnson Rod that “fell from the gazach because the knibbing pin fell out.”

Fortunately, a search on YouTube for the term “hanger and coin” will yield such happy results as this lad, who manages to knibble both a dime and a penny (and demonstrate the near horizontal spin):

as well as the more modern interpretation featuring a plastic coat hanger:

Knibbling is a fun-related art that we must not allow to be lost to the evolution of hangers or the passage of time. Knibble on, dear knibblers, knibble on.

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