In answer to the question "what can you do with 144 variously pastel-colored translucent plastic hearts and stars that have a small opening which allows them to be linked together?" - you can link them together. You can link them into long, tinkly chains. You can link them into short tinkly chains. You can link chains together. You can create entire networks of tinkly linked chains. You can create chains that are hearts only, chains that are stars only, chains that alternate hearts and stars, chains that alternate two stars with three hearts, chains that are made only of emerald hearts and stars, chains of only ruby hearts, ad, probably, infinitum.

Every meeting, especially every creative meeting, can benefit from a finger toy of any kind. In keeping with the well-established value of worry-beads, finger toys keep hands occupied while minds are flinging through the cluttered cosmos of collaborative creativity. A bag or several of Linkers adds a new dimension to finger toying. It allows for communal toying. It creates an environment similar to that of a quilting bee, where hands are satisfyingly busy working on a shared product. It reinforces the sense of participation, of relationship, of commitment to a group effort. It allows for the weaving of a non-verbal thread of dialogue that keeps people playfully together.

Since several shapes can be linked to one, people can start branches. Others can elect to continue adding to a branch, or starting yet another branch. One person can link several pieces together in what she hopes will become a pattern that others will follow, and the next person can elaborate, or ignore, add or subtract, detach a chain from one link and reattach it to another. And in so doing participate in a non-verbal, non-symbolic, but truly binding dialogue.

About one bag for every two participants should be sufficient for even the most complex collaborative contemplations.