From: George Platts

two player version (Maisie and George):

equipment needed for two player version : 1 tennis racket, 1 tennis ball, 2 markers, large flat hard surfaced outdoor space

Maisie has the tennis racket and faces George who has the tennis ball. They are about 2 meters apart. Maisie holds the tennis racket down by her feet, George shouts "Minip" and lobs the tennis ball so that Maisie can hit it back to George so that he can catch it. Both Maisie and George's positions are marked e.g. with a small stone. If George catches the ball (it can bounce once), he moves his marker 1 meter further away from Maisie. Maisie stays put. If George doesn't catch the ball, have another turn. Shout "Minip" each turn. Each time George catches the ball, the gap between Maisie and George widens. It can be easier for Maisie to hit if George lobs it to bounce once before she hits it. Maisie is not rooted to the spot where her marker is placed. Similarly George may find it easier to catch if he allows it to bounce once. Similarly he is not rooted to his marker when trying to catch the ball. As the gap becomes very wide, it can take many goes before George lobs it in just such a way that Maisie can hit it back in just such a way that George can catch it. It is now probably time to swap over and start again. Maisie lobs, George hits and Maisie catches.

three player version (Maisie, Rita, and George):

equipment needed for three player version : 2 tennis rackets, 1 tennis ball, 3 markers, large flat hard surfaced outdoor space

Maisie and Rita stand fairly close together holding a tennis racket each, both facing George who has a tennis ball. Each time George is about to lob the tennis ball he alerts the player by shouting "Minip Maisie" or "Minip Rita". Maisie and Rita stand by one marker. George has two markers, one to mark from where he lobs to Maisie, the other to mark where he lobs to Rita, as the game progresses. a further variation : When we had played this game a number of times at different locations (a beach, an empty car park, a lawn), we became quite skilled at hitting the ball. We found that the best way to help the catcher was to hit the ball upwards as high as we could manage. This was a lot of fun, the bit that we enjoyed the most, so we moved onto another game, which we should probably call a different name :

Minip High Bounce

equipment needed : 1 tennis ball, each player has a tennis racket

To start the game, bounce the ball once then hit it as hard as you can from underneath to send it skyward, maybe shouting the name of the person who will be nearest to it when it lands. We continued to shout "Minip Maisie", "Minip Rita" and "Minip George" as that was still fun. When it lands let it bounce once then hit it skyward again.

MINIP - developed by George Platts, Maisie Platts and Rita Platts : April 1995.