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Junkyard Paradigm - concurrent session

 high diveIn which we held the World's First Tabletop Junkyard Olympics.

Yes, you read me right, world's first.

O, long may I've thought about it, the Tabletop Junkyard Olympics, but this was the first time it was played, ever, the, so to speak, actual world's premiere, the first time.

To all of us who made it happen, may it be a an ongoing source of joy, learning, and shared success. Keep in touch.




Here's a little piece about the Junkyard Paradigm

Here are Becky Saeger's notes from the 2004 NASAGA Junkyard Golf experience

Here's my description of the Junkyard Sports Teambuilding program and the Junkyard Golf Conference Kickstart Kit


Some exemplary games we might actually play (you should first "join" the site before you try to click on these links)

poleless vault


photos by Doug Nelson













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it's good to have fun


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