Let's Play!

This site is about games - not just any games - just the games you play for fun. In the process of growing up, most people lose touch with the sources of their personal power. Fun is one of those sources - especially when it is deep: whole-hearted, whole-minded, whole-bodied.

Because, when the fun gets deep enough, it can heal the world.

What's Fun


Chapay – Russian Checkers


I first wrote about the game of Chapay about 5 years ago. The game, as now so flawlessly described in the Wikipedia, originates in Russia: (Russian: игра в Чапаева, igra v Chapayeva) was a game played on a checkerboard, a unique hybrid of checkers and billiards which is played throughout the territory of the former…


The museum as playground


In her post on the Los Tropos exhibit at the High Museum of Art, Paige Johnson tells us of yet another incursion of public play into the hallowed halls of a venerated museum. Héctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena, the same artists who designed one of my favorite exhibits at Atlanta’s High Museum, last year’s Mi Casa Su…


The Freedom to Quit


I know of two authors have spent a lot of time (and words) ruminating over the importance of quitting. I begin with a friend and colleague: Peter Gray. In his article “The Most Basic Freedom is the Freedom to Quit,” Dr. Gray explores implications of the freedom to quit that reach well beyond games. It’s not the…


Slurs – A Name-Calling Game


Laura Grace Weldon is a remarkable woman whose interests include “Free Range Learning, Creative Living, Gentle Encouragement, Big Questions, Poetry, Occasional Drollery.” She recently wrote a post exemplifying the latter category, and I found it well beyond droll.  In it she describes how, when greeted with a sense of playfulness, even an act like name-calling can become…

prui - found

Playfulness, joy and happiness


I was reading a paper by my friend Gwen Gordon called Well-Played: The Origins and Future of Playfulness. You may read it below: It made me think about the Playful Path in particular (as does almost everything). And I caught myself asking myself: is the Playful Path the path to happiness? Is that what it…


Kinetic Sculpture


As I perhaps may have implied in my article about the amazingly playful art of Keith Newstead – when it comes to playfulness and art, we have only begun to gasp. And so, today, we visit the kinetic sculptures of Anthony Howe. Kinetic sculpture – as in moving. Deeply moving. Allow me to illustrate: A Kinetic…

We are particularly interested in one kind of fun – the playful kind, the kind of playful that makes us laugh together. Because in laughing together we are sharing the wonder of the fun we create, the love we manifest, the mind-body-soul-deep wellness we share, the momentary lowering of the divisions that separate us.

“To play is to be the bridge between mastery and mystery, chaos and control, the foolishly brave and the bravely foolish.”

– the Oaqui

Bernard De Koven

Bernard De Koven, author of The Well-Played Game and A Playful Path, describes and illustrates the power of adult playfulness, engaging the audience in several of his more playful games, and demonstrating how joyfully adults welcome the opportunity to expose their playful selves. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Fun Is Easy

It’s wherever you are, in whatever you are doing or sensing or thinking. It’s between you and the person you’re with or the machine you’re using or the table you’re sitting at or the path you’re walking down. It’s not something to strive for. But something to melt into, to sink into, to open up to. Listen. You can almost hear the laughter. Breathe. You can almost taste the joy. Listen a little more closely. Breathe a little more deeply. And there it is again. Fun. Real fun. Deep, forever fun.

Fun isn’t the hard thing. The hard thing is remembering to have it ...