Paper Football again

A little backstory: My wife Rocky and I were on a long plane ride from Cincinnati to San Francisco. Actually, we started out in Indianapolis, totally the wrong direction to Cincinnati which was for some arcane reason known only to airline route planners, the best way to get there from here. We were sitting next to a sweet fellow named Bob, and, because of the laws of dialog as formulated by the gods of random association, we started talking about football and his son’s coach and character building and then, of all things, Paper Football. And, yes, I did in fact write about it already. But it was such a wonderful conversation (Bob made a paper football from a page from the airline magazine) – I mean, it was a bonding, a sharing old school memories, and just seeing that paper football made manifest.

So I found myself driven to writing about the game again, and, looking for it on the Internet, found a great article about the game on Wikipedia, and illustrated paper football-making instructions on Wikihow, and a company called Paper Pigskins, that, for gosh-sake, sells paper footballs, and a Paper Football app already.

Ah, the Internet, and oh, the places you will go, and, wait for it – here’s a video explaining everything.

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