Phantasy Photoshop

I call it “Phantasy Photoshop.” I was trying to think of a more current equivalent of the time when people used film. Because, see, there’s this game I’m calling “Darkroom” where an image slowly “develops” as people work together to see it. I came up with “Photoshop.” It’s definitely more current. But it doesn’t really describe the experience of seeing an image fade into greater and greater clarity. On the other hand, it does describe a different process, one which, it turns out, leads to an image-building game of quite a different, yet equally fun game. Because the object is to build an image out of pieces from other images, to compose a composite, as it were. You know, like Michael Moore, with a rifle on each shoulder, wearing a leather jacket, standing in a field, with ostriches, made out of hamburgers. And when you try it with a bunch of friends or kids, you never really know what you’re going to wind up with. And it’s fun. And it tweaks the fantasy.

Hence, Phantasy Photoshop.

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