Playborhoods are for grownups, too

Mike Lanza started inviting his neighbors to come on over and play. Right in his yard. Back and front. And, to be even more inviting, he has installed, at his own expense, an amazing collection of further invitations to play – trampolines (comparatively safe, in-ground, side-cushioned), playhouses, even a video projector for evening showtimes.

It’s a brave thing to do in today’s climate of super-cautions, highly litigious, helicoptering parents. And it’s paying off in a lot of shared fun, community-building, and learning.

One thing Mike has recently learned is that, given the opportunity, parents actually want to play with their kids. What a departure from the way we perceive the function of public, basically kid-only playgrounds! What a valuable insight to those of us who believe in fun!

Here’s his article: Playborhoods are for Grown-Ups, Too. Read it and applaud.

from Bernie DeKoven, funsmith

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