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Cranky writes:

Oh dear.

I saw this cartoon and I laughed–but dang it, I’ve always had this little fantasy that someone would open up a new chain of gym-like facilities that were just big playgrounds for adults.

(And no, I don’t mean the X-rated version of “adult,” though no doubt the porn googlers will find their way here, what with words like “adult” and “fantasy” and “equipment” and “swinging” and all.)

No, what I mean is an actual play ground with fun adult-sized equipment. Is it just me or do any of the rest of you walk by kid’s playgrounds and wish you could take a turn on the swings or the merry-go-round? I would, except that most of the stuff is too small and adults aren’t generally allowed. I’d hate to break something or get arrested as a suspected child kidnapper or something.

So what would we put in our adult playground? There’s got to be better ways to combine fitness and fun than elliptical trainers. Maybe we could start with some adult-sized swings and slides and rocking horses, throw in a rock-climbing wall and some pick-up kickball games. Or how about some of these?

  • Pedal-powered bumper cars
  • Or pedal-powered roller coasters? (Not real scary ones though, okay?)
  • Trampolines combined with bungee cords suspended from above so you could really go flying.

I add:

  • Wide, comfortable sofas hanging on long chains for a giant swing set
  • Love seats for 4
  • A tricycle for 7 people

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