Playgrounds for the Soul

Little noted, nor long remembered, there’s a CD I made called Recess for the Soul. It’s a series of somewhat humorous fantasies, re-introducing us to the healing joys that await us on our inner playgrounds.

I put it together because I needed to demonstrate to myself and yours that even something as profoundly serious as meditation could be pursued playfully, in a dialog with the self that is creative, accepting, relaxing, releasing, and fun.

Even less noted and probably not remembered at all, there’s a companion collection of yet more playful encounters between imaginary selves, called “Playgrounds for the Soul.”

In my introduction to this collection, I write:

Luckily, your imagination is at least as big as you imagine it to be. There’s still room. You can build a new place. A protected place. Safe, separate from all the imagined evil and darkness of terrorists and script writers. A playground. A sacred ground, wholly your own, where even the most intricately delicate of delights are as permanent as you are.

There’s more.

Stay tooned.

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