Playing for Laughs

by Bernard De Koven

There’s a kind of game that is designed not to be taken seriously. There are rules, but they often get changed as the game gets played. Generally, there are no winners or losers, and if they are, it doesn’t mean that anyone is better than anyone or anything that you could care about. If there are sides, they get changed. If you are on one side, you probably will be on the other, too. If there are props, they are often things like chairs, garbage cans, and socks. If you’re IT, there’s usually someone else IT to keep you company. If there is a leader, it’s never for long, and it could be anybody, or several anybodies.

These are the kind of games you play because they are fun, because they are funny, because they make you laugh. Here are some eaxmples:

 Sample 2-3 hr session



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