Playing with words

I like to think of words that way. As living beings. As beings that come to life the way that games come to life. Shaded into meaning by so many voices, so many players. The new words, the young ones, so precise in their meaning, so defined. And the old words, so far older than I, so deeply nuanced, so rich with implication.

When you play with words, when you play with them, they play with you. They change their meaning ever so slightly, and they change your meaning too. The more deeply, the more completely you are at play with words, the more you are at play together.

Sharing control, sharing power, they become partners, playmates – live, living things that speak in your voice, that breathe with your breath. And as the words join you and join each other, the games you play together deepen. The mystery and majesty of the words you’re playing with takes hold, and you join them, in the fullness of your consciousness, in the full magnificence of meaning, you play together. Such games, such laughter, such silliness, such humor, such revelations, such truths.

Playing with words, you touch their lives, their lives touch yours, you and they becoming vividly other.

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