These rubbery plastickish half-hollow-balls are the very same things you push inside out and set on a table or the floor and wait until they pop up. Hence, the name Poppers.

They have a tendency to strike a modicum of terror in the hearts of those who are attempting to get something done - hence the play value. You set it up. You put it down. You know it's going to pop. You just don't know when, or how high.

Popper Games

Since every Popper package contains 12 assorted Poppers, the game of "how many can I set up before any of them pops" is, one might say, de regueur. Since it's almost impossible for an individual to set up all twelve before one of them pops, it also makes an excellent team game. As levels of competency increase, you can always add more poppers or play with fewer people on a team.

This leads to games of "catch the popper" and "swat the popper while it's still in the air" and of course "swat the popper while it's still in the air and have someone else catch it."

Poppers as Timers

Whenever you're doing something that requires you to take turns: playing checkers or gin rummy, engaging in a conversation, conducting an interview - the Popper-cum-timer adds a delicious level of fear and trembling. As a game timer, it has the added benefit of being unpredictable, both in the time of its launch and the place of its landing. You could make it the rule, even, that whoever catches the popper gets to go next - inviting the engagement of yet further skill and guaranteeing a new level of mayhem. As a conversation timer, it tends to make things just ridiculous enough to keep people from taking each other too seriously - that is, as long as they're not too serious about actually communicating anything. Hence its appropriateness for most business meetings.