Somebody, let’s say you, are about to make a presentation. Unfortunately, despite the brilliance and clarity of your proverbial “deck,” there is a) no computer, and b) no projector. You explain your needs to your host, who, though deeply sympathetic, hasn’t the slightest idea where you can find a spare computer, and not even the hint of a vague waft of a concept of where anyone has a projector. But, she explains, she has a crew of “PowerPresenters” on hand who would gladly support you and your presentation.

Here’s how it works:

The team of PowerPresenters assembles on stage. You stand next to them, assuming the traditional presenter’s pose. You state the title of your presentation (or what you think was the title of your presentation insofar as you, at this point, are lucky to remember your name) and, pointing your imaginary controller, say “click.” The PowerPresenters immediately assume an interpretive position.

And on and on, from what would have been a beautifully animated slide to the next even more beautifully animated, you and your PowerPresenters click your way through the presentation, neither they nor you having any idea what your presentation is about.

Afterwards, invite the audience to stay for the Q&A.

Just remember, the more competent and focused you appear, the more fun the whole silly game.

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  1. Bernie DeKoven on January 9, 2013 at 1:19 pm

    Matt Lent (Managing Director – Treetop Training and Education Ltd) sent this, by way of illustration:

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