practical fun

No, not practical jokes. Practical fun. The fun of collecting practical advice, hints, tips. Vast collections thereof. Like this. And perhaps like this. Not to mention this.

Collect them. Share them. It’s fun.

Another kind of fun, actually. One that we hadn’t contemplated as having a rightful place within our vast collection of more than 54 Flavors of Fun. Which itself has been kind of fun to be doing – thinking of all those different kinds of fun. Writing about them. Collecting them.

It’s not important why it’s fun to collect all those truly practical, time-tested pieces of exceedingly pragmatic advice, insights, shortcuts, recipes, helpful hints, how-tos and when-tos. What’s important, at least as far as I’m concerned, is that collecting bits of practical wisdom is fun. Practical fun. Real, genuine fun.

As my granddaughter Lily explained, it’s all about: “knowing things that you will probably never have a use for, but having an excuse for learning them anyway.”

And, who knows? There could always come a time…

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