Psychic Handshake

“This activity requires a more meditative frame of mind. Everyone in the group picks a number in their head–one, two, or three–that feels right for them at the moment. Without breaking the mood, we mingle and start shaking hands with one another. If my number is one, I shake your hand just once; if it’s two, I shake twice; and I shake your hands three times if it’s three. If we have different numbers, there is an unmistakable moment of tension as one of us tries to stop the shake while the other continues. But if we have the same number, we stop at the same time and we know we’re in the same group. Those of us with the same number stick together and continue our search. Amazingly, more often than not, we will divide ourselves up into three equal groups!”

(an old New Game found on Let’s Play)

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  1. John on March 16, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    This is ingenious.

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