Teeter-Taughter Teachings

  1. In the Dentist Office - wherein I discover the Inner Playground: (mp3)
  2. The Inner Playground - defined
  3. My Inner Inner City
  4. My Own Private Hollywood
  5. Part Two: Games for the Inner Player
  6. Freeze Tag
  7. Mother May I
  8. Simon Says
  9. Part Three: Building an Inner Playground
  10. The Inner Seesaw
  11. My Inner Swingset
  12. Part Four: Introducing Serious and Silly
  13. Serious and Silly (mp3)
  14. Kick the Can

Breathing is an especially fun thing. Especially on the inner playground. Inner-playgroundwise, breathing is just about the mother of all rides. Breathing can get you so high that purportedly perfect peace awaits you for doing nothing else but.

Listen to yourself breathe for a minute or day or year or two.

Listen to your self breathe.

You, the listener, you the breather.

Listen to yourself breathe without disturbing yourself.

Breathing in exactly as much as you would if you weren't paying attention.

Breathing out. Noticing, but not controlling.

Noticing for example the moments between, when the in-breath becomes the out, the inhale the ex.

Noticing the sound wash through you, the hushed ushering of the air entering, exiting.

It's like being on a see saw with yourself. Your breathing body on one end. Your noticing mind on the other.

You see yourself up. You see yourself down. You get all the way down and see the other of you get to be all the way up. You and yourself get off on each other

And as you teeter-totter yourselves up and down, breath by breath, you and yourself, one body, one mind, seeing and sawing in time with the moving breath, getting high off each other.


Chris Newham comments:

At about 8pm I was lying in an MRI machine. If you never experienced this, the most notable aspects of the experience are that for half an hour, during which time one is told to remain perfectly still, one is confined to the space equivalent to the inside of a coffin and bombarded with loud, deep, discordant noice/vibration. A couple of years ago, when I first endured this, I happened to be tired and easily fell asleep for the full thirty minutes. This time I was very much awake and decided to focus on my breath. Then I remembered the teeter-totter breathing inner game. Initially each time I breathed in I rose on the see-saw and conversely when I exhaled. I couldn't seperate myself into observing, let alone being the counterweight to the breathing self until I was interupted by the technician's voice when he told me through a loudpspeaker he was moving from one scan series to another. When I got back to my breathing, there the breathing self on the other end going up with the outbreath and down with the inbreath inversely to my observing self.I tried to get back into being the breather but could not. I re-experienced the optical illusions (the old/young lady, for example) in which, when the alternative view is described, that becomes the dominant view. This was novel enough that I was quite reluctant, when the technician told me the scans were complete, to move from my now very comfortable space.