Operating and Construction Instructions
for My Inner Swingset

  1. In the Dentist Office - wherein I discover the Inner Playground: (mp3)
  2. The Inner Playground - defined
  3. My Inner Inner City
  4. My Own Private Hollywood
  5. Part Two: Games for the Inner Player
  6. Freeze Tag
  7. Mother May I
  8. Simon Says
  9. Part Three: Building an Inner Playground
  10. The Inner Seesaw
  11. My Inner Swingset
  12. Part Four: Introducing Serious and Silly
  13. Serious and Silly (mp3)
  14. Kick the Can
Congratulations on your acquisition of My Inner Swingset. It's better than anything mere money can buy.

As you know so well, all My Inner Playground Products are guaranteed for your entire lifetime.  If it's quality you want, nothing beats the quality you've got.

And what a perfect addition to the Inner Playground. What, after enduring the enthusiastic hubbub of your personal multitude, can be more exhilarating than to find yourself finally by yourself, quietly swinging on your very own My Inner Swingset?

You will notice that My Inner Swingset, as is true of all My Inner Products, comes only partly assembled. This is to allow you to build exactly the kind of Inner Swings that can swing you precisely as high as you each and all are ready to be swung.

My Inner Swingset comes with a Build Your Own Base. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THIS SWINGSET UNTIL IT IS FIRMLY ATTACHED.  Attach the Base to something as permanent as you are. Like, as in the following example, your very breath.

Sample operating instructions:

A) Breathe deeply.

1) start your swing

  • Imagine that you are just about to launch yourself, just getting ready to push yourself back.
  • And as you deepen your breath, you spring backwards, kicking yourself up and back as high as you can breathe in.

2) continue your swing

  • Exhale yourself into the ride.
  • Breathe yourself out and down.
  • Inhale yourself in and up.
  • Shallowly. More and more shallowly. Breathing easily, evenly. Pumping lightly. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale.

And then,

B) Breathe deeper, pump your lungs fuller, kick yourself higher, deepen the swing, and then exhale into the ride

C) Again, and again. Deep breath, then shallower and shallower. Deep breath, and then shallower and shallower. Deep breath,

3) and then let go