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World Games Fun Day

The World Games Fun Day features 50: "playful first encounters with sports ranging – alphabetically – from aikido to water ski. These exercises were developed by German sports pedagogues (under the lead of Christoph Gehrt-Butry on behalf of the Duisburg Sports Council and the Organizing Committee for The World Games 2005) for physical education classes to be held at schools in North Rhine-Westphalia. But many of the exercises can be easily adapted to all-ages programs elsewhere: from psychomotor education in a kindergarten all the way to fitness classes for senior citizens and even parties. They are flexible and ageless. Above all, they’re for fun!"

You can download a PDF file of all 50 of these game/exercises here. They are in many cases the very essence of Junkyard Sports - physical, unthreatening, and, as they say, they are, above all, all for fun.

If you or someone you know or work with is ready to bring fun back into his or her life, Bernie is available by phone and email for personal coaching. Click Contact for more information on how to reach him.

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