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The Lazy Way to Success

I found this quote on a blog called "The Lazy Way to Success:"
"I did not do it with hard work. I did not do it by busting my butt. I did it by having fun – so much fun that people were attracted to that fun. I then picked the most competent attractees to be on my team and off we went. Whatever “hard work” there might have been, I had long since turned into a game and we had fun “playing” it.

"We had fun and by having fun we discovered stuff which led to more fun which led to more discoveries which led to more fun and so on. In my opinion, when the fun stops, that is an indication that the end is near. Preserving the fun, nurturing the fun, and stoking the fun are the keys to a thriving organization."
The quote is from a fellow named "Fred Gratzon," coincidentally the author of The Lazy Way to Success. Serendepitously, Fred has had some mighty relevant business experience to back up his insights:
"In 1979 with no money, no experience, and no knowledge of how to make ice cream, he founded The Great Midwestern Ice Cream Company. In 1984 his ice cream was judged by People magazine to be the best ice cream in America. Playboy made the same declaration in 1986.

"In 1989, again with no money and no knowledge or experience of telecommunications Fred founded Telegroup in a spare room in his house. Telegroup became an international long distance carrier and grew to 1100 employees with $400 million in annual sales."
One cannot help but be impressed by the man and the message. One cannot help but feel vindicated, encouraged, freed, even, by his clearly well-founded faith in fun. Especially if one, oneself, leads a workshop called "Leading with Fun."


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