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Sustainable Fun

Sustainable Fun? In an ecologically-sensitive kind of way. Like, for example, any of these "Possibly Scoring 10 for Non-consuming" activities:
  • the pleasures of breathing fresh air in the country
  • sea-bathing and surfing
  • collecting empty shells or other beach combing
  • hiking (no litter),bushwalking
  • playing most team sports that don't necessarily involve personal violence (which 'wastes people' by damaging them)
  • birdwatching
  • bee-keeping
  • scrabble
  • friendships, love and affection
  • climbing, canoeing, running, horse-riding
  • picnic in the park - the 'park' part of it
  • politics in the pub
I love this concept: sustainable fun. Of course, what I love about it is thinking that there are sources of fun which are, in fact, sustainable. Not your consumable fun. But your sustainably fun kinds of fun. Your always fun, Junkyard Sports kind of fun. And that this kind of fun, this sustainable resource of endless delight, is as natural as friendship and snow.

In fact, so central to fun are these natural resources that, corrolarily speaking, one can say that "if it isn't fun, it isn't sustainable." Which just happens to be, according to this source and Funscout Joey Gray, a central theme voiced by environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki.

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