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Rehabilitation Games

See, this is what I've been looking for ever since Atari - remember all those controllers? The joystick and then the knobs, two different kinds of knobs, and Trac Ball, and two different kinds of keypads... ? How each felt different, each became a different connection between you and the game?

Remember those arcade machines with all those different kinds of knobs and buttons? That's when I dreamed up my Fitness Arcade, just about then, when I had all those controllers, and people went to the arcades, and I realized how each different controller connected me to a different experience of play. And I said to myself, "Bern," I said, "Bern, we could make exercise fun, we really could, really fun."

And today I find Biometrics Ltd, and learn that the fitness arcade might very well be in the process of becoming the rehabilitation arcade, bringing something fun to healing, something fun, at last.

from Bernie DeKoven's FunLog

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