Bernie DeKoven



During the course of their working lives, most people lose touch with the sources of their personal power. Through guided self-study that taps deeply into the energies of enjoyment, Bernie’s Journeys on the Playful Path open new channels for bringing more success and satisfaction to our daily lives.

Thirty-five years ago, while developing a curriculum in theater for elementary school kids, Bernie made two discoveries that changed his life and some small but significant parts of the world:

  • enjoyment is fundamental to happiness
  • people can make things more enjoyable

Bernie eventually discovered that there was a direct connection between the experience of alienation, and the amount of enjoyment people were having - that the more alienated people were, the less fun. Realizing he could help people make anything more enjoyable - their jobs, their relationships, the things they make and do - Bernie set about creating scheduled and private Journeys for those who wish to explore the Playful Path.

Playing and reflecting participants learn how to bring a new level of vitality to themselves and each other, to their significant others and all they signify, to those they care for and care for them. They learn:

  • about the art and science of enjoyment
  • about how they can make things more enjoyable for themselves, together

photo by David Simoni

Bernie's journeys along the Playful Path often lead to several different places, simultaneously, including but not limited to:

The Theater of Games

Play Pointless Games, in depth, for the fun of it. Pointless Games are games that are literally pointless. No score. No particular goal other than to have fun. Which, of course, turns out to be very pointworthy, in deed.

Discover how creating a FUN Community helps:

  • extend your playfulness and
  • celebrate those who bring FUN to your life

Explore the experiences of CoLiberation and its impact on the FUN community. Learn how to extend the gift of FUN to your:

  • selves
  • friends
  • family
  • community of healers

Create your own private, personal, imaginary playground. Learn how you can find delight in all the various aspects of your personality. Explore and expand your consciousness while exercising your playfulness and imagination.


I was just taking some little bits and pieces of papers out of my journal and I found the following hard-copy of something your brother-in-law wrote to you: "I find many if not most people today are not in a particularly "fun-seeking" mood. They are preoccupied with finances, war, the economy and personal problems. Fun, however, is a vital therapy no matter the circumstances. The release of life's anxieties cannot have too many channels, in my view. I....have a need to communicate via Fun to people. I may not want to enter that Fun because I cannot overcome the 'troubles of the day' without major incentives to do so. Fun may be good for me but I can't seem to allow myself to enter in anyway. Perhaps I don't see fun as the solution but rather as an escape from solving the problem(s). Funny, when people most need the releases, they are less apt to seek them."

I am touched again by his honesty and his insight. I too feel unable to enter into Fun when so much feels wrong and sad and overwhelming in the world today, everyday. I forget your teaching, so to speak, that Fun IS part of the solution and not just a form of denial, an escape, a narcissistic indulgence at the expense of others who are not as fortunate as I am.

Just thoughts, which bring me back to the mindfulness practice that DeepFun is for me. It is the practice of Minor Fun all the time, despite the trying external circumstances on this beautiful and fragile earth I love and despite the woe I see. And as I practice this path, I want to change my paradigm and begin to really believe that having fun, living fun, teaching fun, being fun, can transform this world, that it is part of the solution to the distress. IF not the world at large, it may have the power to transform MY little world, my circle of influence, I hope. And that is a step in the right direction.

Magdalena Cabrera


  • Finding Fun - further, deeper, more detailed reflections from Bernie's Journeys