Robert J. Lang Origami

This remarkable figure of an elk was made out of one sheet of paper. Uncut.

To further your amazement, and amusement, you can download the actual crease pattern. Lang explains: “Conventional origami diagrams describe a figure by a folding sequence — a linear step-by-step pattern of progression. Crease patterns, by contrast, provide a one-step connection from the unfolded square to the folded form, compressing hundreds of creases, and sometimes hours of folding, into a single diagram!…Puzzling out crease patterns can be fun; if you get hooked, there are many more scattered around the internet. Enjoy!”

It is one of hundreds of amazing feats of folding produced by Robert J. Lang Origami – each one a genuine testimony to the power of play.

Lang has been exceedingly generous in sharing his mastery of the art, and science or Origami with the virtual world. He is clearly a gifted practitioner of his art, which makes the gift of his site that much more valuable.

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