Roll Over!


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Roll Over is a variation of the Numbers game.

Numbers is one of those deceptively simple games that is as fun to modify as it is to play.

Each player has a number. The person in the number one position gets to start off. When your number is called, all you have to do is call someone else's number, as quickly as possible. And that's it.

The game continues until someone makes a mistake: calls a number that noone has, calls his own number, or takes too long to respond (the minimal response time tends to decrease as players develop proficiency).

When a mistake is made, which is fortunately inevitable (or the game just wouldn't be fun), the person who made the mistake moves to the last player's position, and everyone who had a higher number rolls over one space. Numbers are assigned to positions (or, in this example, pillows), so everyone who moves has a new number. Player One then calls a new number and the next round begins. The sooner Player One starts the next round, the more likely it is that someone else will make a mistake (as easy as it seems, it does take a while to figure out your new number).

The rolling over part was this group's invention. Rolling turned out to be so much fun that we decided to rename the game. Here again we see what happens when a group changes a game enough to be able to take ownership for it. The game becomes an expression of community, a vehicle for sharing delight, an accomplishment in and of itself.